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Science Department

        To quote Albert Einstein, The goal of education is
“to produce independently thinking and acting individuals.”
The eventual goal of science education is to produce individuals capable of understanding and evaluating information that is scientific in nature and of making decisions that incorporate that information appropriately, and, furthermore, to produce a sufficient number and diversity of skilled and motivated future scientists , engineers, and other base professionals.
To reach that goal in Edugates International School the students are given opportunities to read, write, and engage in discussions as they work.
Laboratory activity is one of our ways to help students developing practical skills and an understanding of science subjects learned.
And of course formative and summative assessments are held to help in the instruction process.
In the Science Department we work hard trying to achieve Edugates International School’s Vision to prepare our students becoming globally competitive.

Science Curriculum
- Our Science Curriculum and Yearly-Plans are designed following standards approved in California and New Jersey States- USA. And also fulfilling the instructional requirements for SAT-2 exams in scientific subjects.
- Varying Educational Tools are available in our science Department including On-line resources, 3-D models, projectors and TV-sets for videos and power point presentations
- Practical activities are done along the academic year to develop students’ skills in measurements, observations, present evidence to interpret and/or predict cause-and-effect outcomes of investigations.
- Books are one of the important instructional resources for both teachers and students.
Science Department would like to briefly introduce science books from Grade 1 to Grade 12.
*Grdae 1 _ 6 : Students are using Scott Foresman Science Books .

*Grade 7 _ 8: Students are using Prentice Hall Science Explorer Books

*Grade 9 _ 12: are using separate Biology, Chemistry, and Physics books.
For Biology : Miller & Levine Biology Book.
For Chemistry : Pearson Chemistry Book.
For Physics : Conceptual Physics Book.

Science Activities

*Students from Grade1_12 are welcomed in the science- lab. to practically apply learned scientific ideas, explore, gather, evaluate, and represent evidence using scientific tools, technologies, and computational strategies.
*Projects about scientific information are prepared by students for each quarter to enhance their creativity and ability to present their findings using graphs , tables and diagrams
*Our high school students, as part of their social service at school, accompany KG-students in an informative visit to the science-Lab. discovering about simple Lab. Tools
* Science Fair is one of our favorite events to display the students’ projects, experiments, and skills.

Science Coordinator
Mrs. Sherifa Saber





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