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Examination Rules and Procedures

At Edugates International School for Boys and Girls, we ensure that the examination process proceeds in an orderly manner, with a set of instructions and rules that regulate it and provide a clear framework for all students to follow.

Our school board has established specific instructions for students to adhere to from the moment they enter the examination room until they leave, each explained in detail to avoid confusion.

These instructions are divided into three groups:

-Pre-exam instructions

-Exam duration and late arrival

-Exam completion instructions

قواعد الامتحانات والاختبارات


Pre-exam instructions
Duration of the exam and late arrival
Exam completion instructions
Pre-exam instructions
  1. Students should be seated in the examination room by 7:50 am.
  2. All personal items, including notebooks, textbooks, pencil cases, etc., must remain in the students’ room.
  3. Students’ bags should be placed outside the hall.
  4. Only materials required for the exam, such as blue pens, pencils, rulers, etc., should be brought to the exam hall. Students are not allowed to write their answers with green or red pens on the answer sheets; only blue pens are permitted.
  5.  Mobile phones and smart watches are not allowed.
  6. Students should not begin their exams until they hear the bell.
  7. Students are required to write their names on the answer sheet.
  8. Students should follow the exam instructions; for example, if one answer is required to be circled and the student circles two answers, both will be ignored.
  9.  If a student does not know a specific answer, they should write, “I don’t know.”
  10. Students are prohibited from leaving any blank spaces or questions unanswered.
  11. Any additional paper or draft required for drafting must be signed at the top right side by the invigilator.
  12. Students should remain at their desks and raise their hands if they have questions.
  13. Borrowing stationery, including calculators, is not permitted.
  14. Students are not allowed to use the bathroom during exams or leave the exam room except in emergency cases, and they must be accompanied by another teacher.
  15. Students must finish the exam on time.
Duration of the exam and late arrival

Exams begin at 8 o’clock in the morning for 3rd grade to 12th, and last for a minimum of 60 minutes (a full hour), and up to 180 minutes (a maximum of 3 hours). The duration of the test varies depending on the subject and grade.

Students are not allowed to leave until three-quarters of the exam time has passed; for example, if the exam is two hours long, an hour and a half must elapse before the student submits their answer sheet.

The subject teacher must also be present to answer any questions related to the exam.

Any student who is late for the start of the examination must obtain permission from the management to allow them to enter the examination room.

Exam completion instructions
  1.  Students must complete their answers within the allotted time for the exam.
  2.  Students are asked to review their papers and then submit them to the invigilator.
  3. Students must sign attendance papers before leaving the examination hall.
  4. After submitting the answer sheet to the invigilator, it will not be returned, even if the student forgets to answer a question or a specific section of the exam.