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General Instructions & Rules

Students' Arrival and Departure

School hours begin at 7:30 Am for all levels and grades. Any student who arrives after 8 must report to the administration. 

Students will not be allowed to enter their classrooms before obtaining permission to enter the school. Kindergarten students leave at 1:20 pm from Sunday to Thursday, while students in higher levels (from grades 1 to 12) end their school day at 2:10 pm. 

Students are only allowed to leave before the end of the school day after obtaining permission. An identification document must be presented to the reception when picking up the student. Only a family member or guardian is allowed to accompany the student.

school timing

Timing and School Hours

التوقيت والدوام المدرسي

Edugates International School has defined a set of rules to guide students from arrival to departure at each stage of study. 

These rules include procedures for obtaining permission to leave school early and guidelines for school absences, ensuring parents’ knowledge.

 The school provides a Weekly Agenda with classwork and homework tasks for each grade of primary, middle and high school students. In addition to this, a Daily Agenda is also required for all students until Grade 8, which serves as a communication tool between the school and home, and the guardians are required to sign it at the end of each week.

School Uniform Instructions

According to Edugates International School’s  system, every male and female student must commit to wearing a specific uniform for each stage of study, received at the beginning of each academic year. There are also instructions regarding students’ appearance to ensure an elegant and modest appearance, such as:

– Prohibition of girls wearing makeup, nail polish, or lengthening nails.

– Prohibition of bright-colored shoes, tight jeans, long socks, etc.

– Requirement for neat and tied hair, not allowed to let hair down.

school uniform

Student Level Assessment

Student Level Assessment
معلمة تقييم مستوى الطالب

All students at Edugates International School are evaluated continuously and effectively throughout the academic year.

In the first and second years, evaluation includes class participation, homework, assignments, quizzes, and tests.

From 3rd to 12th grade, students take three comprehensive exams, one at the end of each semester, with report cards issued accordingly.

Exams and Tests Rules

At Edugates International School, examinations are conducted accurately and transparently, with rules determined by the school administration system.

Students must comply with exam dates and all instructions regarding permitted pens, bathroom breaks, asking questions, etc.

Recommendations for submitting test papers after completion and verifying student attendance or absence from the exam are also provided.

قواعد الامتحانات والاختبارات

Parent Meetings

اجتماع أولياء الأمور مع المدرسة

Report cards are issued three times a year. Following this, a list of students with low levels is prepared. Students scoring more than 70% are considered successful, while those scoring less than 60% are deemed to have failed.

Report cards are sent home only to students scoring 60% and above. In case of a student failing any subject, the guardian is notified via letter, and a phone call is made to arrange a meeting with the subject coordinator and the head of the department.

Additionally, parent meetings are held three times during the school year for all parents to discuss their children’s performance with the subject teachers and coordinators of the school.