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Kindergarten Stage

This period marks a golden stage in a child’s life, initiating their journey of exploration and discovery of the world around them. The significance of this stage lies in providing a healthy, social, and interactive environment for the child, which fosters motivation for future development and enhances learning capabilities.

At this stage, children learn about colors, animals, and objects around them. They also start to practice daily routines. They participate in activities like matching shapes, improving focus and coordination, and playing with friends. Enrolling your child in K.G.  can help working moms by encouraging independence and ambition in children.

رياض الأطفال

The preschool program




Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K)

Pre-K is the step before kindergarten, where kids learn important skills and basic knowledge.

During this time, kids start recognizing letters, numbers, and how to write them. They also learn simple things like counting and basic daily routines, like brushing their teeth. It’s a time when kids are eager to learn new things, so it’s important to make learning fun and easy for them.

This stage involves learning letters and their shapes, numbers, and how to write them, so the child can learn to count objects and other basic skills. They also develop various skills through interactive activities, along with learning basic daily routines like brushing teeth, and more.

تركيبات هندسية


The kindergarten stage prepares children for the transition to primary education by fostering a love of learning and encouraging curiosity. We create a nurturing environment where children can develop essential skills through a combination of engaging curricular activities and enriching extracurricular experiences like group games and puzzles.

We also prepare children for the primary stage by teaching them the alphabet, word formation skills, and simplified arithmetic operations, while instilling Islamic values and principles, making this stage the true beginning of their journey to knowledge.