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Registration forms

Admission, Registration, and Accounting

Admission, registration, and accounting procedures at Edugates International School are simple and convenient, involving a series of routine steps for accepting and registering students. These procedures can be summarized as follows:

Visit the admission and registration department to obtain the admission test form.

Fill out the required data and complete the administrative signature. Then, proceed to the accounting department to pay the placement test fees, which amount to 230 Saudi riyals.

Upon receiving the test results and obtaining administrative and academic approval, fill out the registration form and attach the required documents.

After submitting the necessary documents, the student will receive the school admission form. They can also request additional documents such as the academic calendar, school uniform list, books list, fees form, and school transportation form.

Return to the accounting department to inquire about prices, the discount policy, available payment methods, obtain the guardian’s agreement, and complete the payment process for all incurred fees.

Finally, visit the warehouse to receive a copy of the textbooks in accordance with the regulations.

For a detailed view of the admission, registration, and accounting procedures, please download the attached file below.

مدرسة بوابة المعرفة العالمية


طلاب مدرسة بوابة المعرفة العالمية للبنين والبنات

This agreement includes a set of terms and conditions that the guardian must pledge to abide by, which can be summarized as follows:

1 – The student has no right to enter the school without completing all registration procedures for new students or seat reservation procedures for old students.

2 – Pay tuition fees on the specified dates according to the payment agreement.

3 – Commitment to pay an amount of 2,000 Saudi riyals at the end of each academic year to reserve an academic seat for the following year.

This amount is non-refundable, but it is deducted from the next academic year’s fees.

4 – If the student withdraws during the first week of the start of studies, he is obligated to pay half of the academic year’s fees.

However, if he withdraws during the academic year, he will be required to pay the full tuition fees.

5 – Commitment to wearing the school uniform for all children enrolled in school, according to the specified conditions and specifications.

6 – Commitment to providing books and bus times for those participating in the school transportation service.

7 – Constant communication with the school, responding to calls in case of necessity, in addition to updating official and personal data at the beginning of each year and upon request.

To view all the terms of the agreement in detail, you can download the file attached below.


At Edugates International School for boys and girls, we offer an initial reservation service approved to facilitate the registration process for students, whether they are from outside or within the city of Jeddah, who intend to register for the new academic year but are unable to attend at the present time to take the admission test and complete the remaining official registration procedures.

The process for booking a seat at our school can be summarized as follows:

1- Send a copy of the student’s latest academic report for academic review.

2- Sign the initial reservation acknowledgment and pledge.

3- Pay the student admission test fee, amounting to 230 Saudi riyals for each student, which is non-refundable.

4- Conduct an academic interview with the student via Zoom meeting to obtain initial acceptance if the student is outside of Jeddah.

5- Pay the seat reservation fee, amounting to 2000 Saudi riyals for each student.

6- Submit an acceptance letter addressed to the student’s current school to receive the student’s file.

7- The student is required to attend and complete the official registration procedures.

For further details regarding the initial reservation confirmation, please download the attached file below.

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School Bus Forms

باص مدرسة بوابة المعرفة العالمية بجدة

Global Gateways School in Jeddah offers a school bus transportation service for all registered students. Buses operate daily on both morning and afternoon routes to and from the school.

Any student can enroll in this service for a fee that is added to their tuition. The fee is determined based on the student’s residential area and whether they choose to use the bus only for the morning commute or for both the morning and afternoon commutes.

To enroll in the school bus service, parents must sign a bus registration form after completing all required information, which includes:

1- Parent (father and mother) information and mobile phone number
2- Home phone number and parents’ work phone numbers
3- Detailed home address (region, neighborhood, street name, address)
4- Student name and class (if registering more than one student from the same family, fill out one form for all of them)
5- Home map, bus route (morning/afternoon), and registration information

For detailed information on bus fees and registration instructions, please download the attached file below.