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Middle School Stage

This stage consists of Grades 7 and 8.

Middle school is a transitional and often challenging stage for students entering their teenage years. It requires specific methods to address their needs. During this time, students need to be equipped with scientific and life skills and prepared to make independent choices.

At Edugates International School, we employ highly skilled educational and guidance professionals from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds. 

These educators can effectively integrate with students from various backgrounds and guide them towards success in the next stages of their education. Our goal is to ensure they are fully prepared academically and cognitively for high school.

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At this level, the volume of information that students receive increases, becoming more detailed. The number of subjects included in the curriculum also expands, with an emphasis on critical thinking skills that motivate students to become more creative and think outside the box.

Additionally, there are activities designed to help students discover their interests or inclinations, paving the way for their transition to high school, which is a crucial stage in their lives. 

Therefore, it is necessary to choose an excellent school with a supportive environment for your child during this stage. In general, completion of the primary stage, consisting of six grades, is a prerequisite for entering middle school education, while completion of middle school and obtaining its certificate is a requirement for entering high school.