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School Fees

مدرسة بوابة المعرفة العالمية

The Edugates International School in Jeddah provides education services for all levels of education for boys and girls, according to the internationally recognized American curriculum, at prices and fees suitable for all, covering the costs of study, in addition to the price of books and school uniforms.

We also have a school bus transportation service, which incurs an additional fee, which is calculated according to the region and to the length of distance whether it is two ways, or one way only.

As for discounts, you can qualify for them in a group of cases. For example, we have a special discount for siblings and students who excelled academically.

School fees per year


1- There are no registration fees. Each student must pay an amount of 2,000 Saudi riyals in exchange for reserving a school seat. This amount is not refundable, but is deducted from the school fees later.

2- A 10% discount is given to every student who pays school fees in full before the beginning of the academic year.

3- A 5% discount is given to the second child registered in the school for each family, 10% for the third child, and 15% for the fourth child.

4- One student cannot benefit from two discounts at the same time.

5- Special discounts are given to first-time students and twins.

6- A 15% tax is added to school fees for students who do not hold citizenship.

All previous discounts apply only to school fees, meaning they do not include books, uniforms, and transportation expenses.

School fees and books

  School fees Cost of books
nursery 14.500
pre-k 16.500 969
KG 16.500 1592
G1 18.500 2538
G2 18.500 2204
G3 18.500 2388
G4 19.500 2180
G5 19.500 2364
G6 20.500 1807
G7 20.500 2175
G8 20.500 2508
G9 22.500 3927
G10 22.500 4071
G11 22.500 3697
G12 23.500 2743

School uniform expenses

Grade School uniform price
from G5 until G12 (boys) 800
from pre-k until G12 (girls) 850
Additional uniform
PE T-shirt 50
Polo Shirt 70
Gray Tunic 130
White Shirt 75
PE Jacket 110
PE Pants 90

All previous fees and expenses include taxes and additional benefits

Bus fees

bus fees zone 1 zone 2 zone 3
2 ways 4200 5300 5900
1 way 3500 4400 5200
5% discount is given for every other child