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Why Us ?

Why should you choose EduGates International School ?

We focus on the creativity and goals of our students, they are the leaders of the future

We treat our students like our own children.

We fulfil all our student’s needs to have the best school experience and transform into the best versions of themselves.

Our students develop life skills while enjoying music, sports and a lot of other fun activities.

We inspire our students to be more productive rather than consuming.

We teach our students the right mentality they need to solve any life obstacle they might encounter in the future.

Teamwork, we teach our students the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

We offer our students the opportunity to discover themselves and find their own path towards a successful future.

We offer joyful and productive activities like speech and debate, robotics and coding, piano and chess.

We keep our students healthy by offering different kinds of fun sports.

We offer technologically equipped classrooms that cater to all learning styles.

We offer a spacious gym, music rooms, wide playgrounds, art room, recreational room, and a multilingual library.

High tech facilities.

Prime location(close to residential areas and universities).

Small class size(max 16 students per classroom).

In line with educational objectives of the 2030 vision.