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Grading system

For Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten

progress is assessed based on classroom activities and continuous monitoring of cognitive and scientific skills development.

This system indicates progress at the end of each semester.

For Primary, Middle, and High School

The highest achievable grade is 100%, with a passing grade of 60% for all subjects. Below this, a student is considered to have failed. This grading system applies to all assessments, including tests, presentations, projects, class participation, homework, and final exams, as well as other school requirements.

Issuing Report Cards

Each academic year consists of three terms totaling 36 weeks, including examination weeks. Report cards are issued at the end of each term, three times during the academic year.

Parents can also access their children’s academic and disciplinary records at any time by contacting the relevant department management.

grading system

Grading scale

Symbol Percent grade Scale (GPA)
A+ from 100 to 97 4.0
A   from 96 to 93 4.0
A- from 92 to 90 3.7
B+ from 89 to 87 3.3
B   from 86 to 83 3.0
B- from 82 to 80 2.7
C+ from 79 to 77 2.3
C   from 76 to 73 2.0
C- from 72 to 70 1.7
D+ from 69 to 67 1.3
D   from 66 to 63 1.0
D- from 62 to 60 0.7
F   less than 60 (from 59 to 1) 0