Eng. Numan Al Muhammadi(Chairman)         In the modern, increasingly independent and complex world, an international education is an absolute necessity-a balanced education, addressing not only the mind but also the heart. It is vital to begin such an international experience from an early childhood.

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Congratulations Mr. Mohammad Swaid for winning the Award of Excellence.

The winners received the awards today at the General Directorate of Education in Jeddah in celebration of Teacher's Day.

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School tuition fee discount

EIS- Tuition Fee Discount 

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The admission form must be completed fully and accurately in legible and neat handwriting. All relevant information must be declared including details of any disciplinary, social, physical, medical or psychological problems. Relevant medical and educational psychologist’s report, if any, should be submitted to the school if appropriate..

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    A representative of the Parents' Committee

    كلمة ممثل لجنة أولياء الأمور

    Dear students

    What a nice moment you are living in, it is the time you were all waiting for, it's the first step

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